Can You Be Too Hard To Get?

It's true - men love it when you drive them crazy. But be sure not to take this too far, without finding out exactly how to be "HTG"!

Don't take "Hard To Get" so far that you're IMPOSSIBLE to Get!

Some women completely stop answering ALL of a man's calls and texts in their effort to be tough to get - even when they REALLY like him!

Then a man ends up thinking that she doesn't like him, and doesn't want to hear from him, so he stops trying.

So answer his calls - if you're not in the middle of something that should come first.

Just don't answer like you're trying to set a world's record for phone-answering speed.

It's fine to call him back later if you're tied up when he tries to reach you.

Keep these ideas in mind:

Don't always be totally available, waiting around to find out what HIS plans are before you make yours!

Don't act like you have NO life except for waiting on any time he gives you.

Even the most fantastic women in the world can feel that way (temporarily) when they start to care.

So any time you feel that way, it's time to dive back into YOUR life!

Don't do so much for him. It makes him VERY uncomfortable. It sends him the message that you do not think YOU are enough!

The most important message you should send the one you love is this:

You Know You Are "Enough"!!

You deserve love.

You're good to people AND you have self-respect.

So don't yell at him. Don't freak out. Learn to communicate. "Use your words." (That's what they taught my child in pre-school.)

Be direct. No speeches. No emails that are as long as a term paper.

Do LESS, not more.

But... don't do less with a bitter attitude!

Do less because you're enough - your company and attention are what you have to offer him - and they are enough!

So be a challenge to him - but don't be impossible to get!

Being hard to get means you'll never have to settle for less than the happiness you really want.

Discover how the chase will be thrilling and memorable for both of you - with love, respect, fun, and excitement.

Being hard to get means enhancing your mystery, no matter how well he thinks he knows you!

Yes, love is a game. Let the games begin! And when you play the game of love, be sure to play hard to get!

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With Love,
Mimi Tanner
Author of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art of Letting Him Chase You

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