How The 'Hard To Get' Program Came About

Discover for yourself why this program truly is a woman's "best kept secret"!

It all started in 2005. Mimi Tanner, author of Secrets of Flirting With Men and The Reverse Ultimatum, began writing about the principles of being "Hard To Get" in her daily emails and in her books and programs.

Mimi fell madly in love with this topic, wanted to create a special program exclusively about being "Hard To Get" because there was no other program out there specifically about this. Mimi felt that it was her "mission" to create this program and make it one of a kind, and that's exactly what she did.

Behind the scenes, Mimi was doing what it took to make this program possible. In the meantime, Mimi continued to write about "Hard To Get" in her emails, sparking a lot of interest in the topic by her readers.

Mimi built and created this program, writing it with care over a long period of time, resulting in the definitive guide to being Hard To Get, making Mimi's vision a reality for the thousands of women who own this program.

The Controversy

This program has become, as you can imagine, a woman's best-kept secret. At the same time, it has sparked a lot of controversy.

The controversy is amusing, because year after year, Mimi hears the screams about "playing games" and accusations of "tricking" men, often by the same people who advocate the exact same principles but call them by another name.

Let others keep their watered-down versions of the truth. Mimi is proud to proclaim, "Love is a game. Let the games begin!"

She is thrilled that the idea of being "hard to get" is so greatly maligned and misunderstood, because, well, who can argue with free advertising?

About Mimi

From the tender age of thirteen, Mimi Tanner began reading everything she could get her hands on about relationships and matters of the heart. With her ever-present glasses, bluejeans, and acne, Mimi curled up in her room, devouring everything from The Sensuous Woman to the Fascinating Womanhood books.

Like her wise mentors, Mimi is not afraid to tell it like it REALLY is. True students of the heart know what works, and understand that the "methods to our madness" spring from love, kindness, and generosity of heart.

Mimi Tanner is also the author of Calling Men: The Complete Guide to Calling, Emailing and Texting the Men You Date, Man Mistake Eraser: How To Regain a Man's Interest, Secrets of Flirting With Men, and The Reverse Ultimatum.

Mimi says, "I take my work VERY seriously. This is my lifework and it's PERSONAL. I do this work because it has been my lifelong goal and passion to write about relationships between men and women.

"I live to create well-written, interesting, amazing relationship guides that will not only work for you, but that will transform your entire life. That's what makes me happy. That, and reruns of Law and Order!

"I go to sleep every night thankful that I get to do this for a living, and fulfilled because my work has resulted in numerous real-life, happy marriages."

Hard To Get is an ongoing, evolving program. Join Mimi and discover the Timeless Art of being Hard To Get.

Discover the Timeless Art of Being Hard To Get

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