Why Do Men Chase Women?

There is one movie that people just absolutely ADORE... and that movie is "Moonstruck." It's definitely one of the all-time romantic classics!

In "Moonstruck," Olympia Dukakis's character asks the question, "Why do men chase women?"

To answer this question, I'll share an excerpt from my program Hard To Get: The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart.

This is a brief excerpt from the class titled: "The Pursuit of Love: How To Get Chased By Men!"

Take a look at the men in your life, past and present. Which men were the most interested in you? In most cases, you'll find that the men who were most interested in you were the men who had to pursue you in order to get your attention.

Does this mean that we insist that men do all the work and grovel at our feet? Not in the least. Women are usually running the show and working harder than men in most walks of life, romance being no exception. Clearly we have to go against some of our own instincts and work hard just to make pursuit happen. So men are hardly doing all the work.

If anything, we're making it a lot easier for men. By being hard to get, we're inspiring their natural drives to pursue because they want to, and can hardly help it. We, on the other hand, are holding back - and that's work!

It gets easier with practice, however, because the rewards of being Hard to Get help you to value yourself so much that you delight in male pursuit.

When a man pursues a woman, he spends his time wondering if she's interested, and thinking about how to please her. He's falling in love.

Men value what they have put their efforts into. So when you cause a man to put more effort into your relationship, that's the kind of work men enjoy. You also create a much stronger foundation for a secure and lasting relationship.

Pursuit allows a man to feel like a man. A man needs to pursue a woman to feel whole and fulfilled in that part of himself which gets very little exercise in today's world - his masculinity. A man who wins the heart of a beautiful, admirable woman proves to himself that he is a desirable and unique man.

We've all heard the story of a man who leaves a loving girlfriend to go after the dreadful woman who makes his life miserable with her terrible ways. We marvel how these men remain intoxicated with such difficult women. We wonder why they seem to go through the tortures of the damned just to stay with her.

This is an extreme example of how men love intensity; they love being caught up in the moment; they're fascinated by an unpredictable woman. They welcome a passionate challenge. Men don't want "easy"!

-- End of excerpt from "Hard to Get - The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart"

In "Hard To Get" there is an entire session on this - it's called "The Pursuit of Love - How to Get Chased By Men"!

It's far more important to focus on being the kind of woman that men are drawn to, instead of focusing on being the pursuer!

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